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Each creative endeavor is unique, demanding varying levels of effort and resources. The cost is contingent on the artist's current stage of production, whether there's backing from a label or other funding sources, and often the urgency of the project's timeline. My objective is to assist musicians in achieving their optimal musical vision at a fair and reasonable price.

I invite you to send me a detailed overview of your project, and I promise to return with a proposal that's hard to resist. For new clients, I'm also open to performing test mixes or masters for a minimal expense allowance. This way, you get a taste of the quality and dedication I bring to every project. Let's bring your musical vision to life!

A big thank you to these companies for their support:


Steinberg  for Cubase, Avid for Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Universal Audio for all their hard- and software

Native Instruments for Komplete, Sugar Bytes for their inspiring tools, Amphion & APS for their Speakers, TECH 21 for the sans amp vt bass and flyrig pedals, Eventide for their H9, Marshall for the 1974x, Vovox for their great cables and spirit, Mono for their bags and cases

For more infos about me please also visit:

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