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Studio C / Prishtina
I worked in Studio C, owned by my brother in law Dritero Nikqi, for 3 years and everyone who wants to combine a trip to a thriving and welcoming city with a great recording is welcome to jump over with me and have some time off in a super friendly environment and mindset. Easy Jet Flights from Berlin to Prishtina can be below 50€ back and forth. Accomodation can be super cheap too and easily being organized.

Studio C has a control room and a nice recording room at the sunniest side of Prishtina. For writing or recordings we could also drive to an amazing cabin in the Albanian alps in about one hour, that can be used free of charge.

16 tracks of finest preamps Phoenix Audio Drs 8, Chandler Germanium, Universal Audio, Vintech v72.

Mics from Neumann, Gefell, Sony, Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser. 

Nice Amps and Guitars. A Rhodes, several Analog Synths of Moog, Roland etc., Modular Synths and all combined with a bunch of great pedals.

Next to working with Kosovarian and Albanian bands like Por-no, The Bloodie Foreigners, Zhaba, Electorati Intelectual, Syte, Gima, The Glasses and others, i did the album "Sunny Hill" of the adventurous Berlin band The Dropout Patrol here.

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